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Star Throwers

At The Lively Crew, we are proud to be known as a marketing company whose primary concern is to improve the lives of the people we work for. The same can also be said of the people we work with, especially Star Throwers – who have been our Charity of the Year since 2010.

Star Throwers is a not-for-profit, registered charity run entirely by passionate volunteers and a small number of staff, dedicated to supporting and advising people in East Anglia who are affected by cancer, or are at particular risk of developing cancer.

We have been proud to help Star Throwers with their Press Releases free on a voluntary basis.

The name 'Star Throwers' came about after a freak weather incident which left thousands upon thousands of starfish stranded on a beach and fast drying out in the sun. A little boy, began the arduous task of throwing them back into the sea one-by-one. A passer-by mentioned to the little boy that, due to the number washed up, his efforts were wasted and would make no difference, to which the little boy replied whilst returning another starfish to the water "well it did to that one".

You can donate to Star Throwers via our The Lively Crew - Star Throwers Just Giving page here.

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Norwich Marketing Agency, Event Management, Norfolk, Marketing, Results


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