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Enviro Pod is a range of products, designed with the environment and consumer in mind that reflects our very Green ethos. With Climate Change and the reduction of waste so high on the global agenda, the use of our products has the potential to make a real difference to the health of our environment, as well as save you money. Independent tests have proven all of the products in our Enviro Pod range to out-perform similar products in the marketplace claiming to do the same thing.

Our Chill Pod and Fish Pod range of products utilise revolutionary material to practically eliminate the need for high-carbon producing methods of refrigeration for short-term food storage. The implications of this are huge, both commercially and for the consumer, as the reflective material has been proven to maintain a hot or cold environment for far longer than any other insulating product. It is estimated that in industrialised countries, up to 15% of the energy consumed is devoted to refrigeration; therefore the environmental benefits of Chill Pod speak for themselves.

From Chill Pod, through to the innovative Breast Aid and Nipple Shields, which help cure and prevent the pains and discomfort associated with breastfeeding, including mastitus, engorgement, cracked nipples, blocked ducts and nipple vasospasm, on to our Cosy Pod and on to our exciting new range of K9 Pod dog jackets, which utilise NASA technology to keep us and our pets warm, our family of pods can be used as practical and valuable solutions in many aspects of life, always with the view to reducing any negative impact to the environment or to your wallet.

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